GoogleTrader shameless Binary Options scam reported!

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 was launched, we were wondering what it’s all about, and how come they are guaranteeing to utilize the force of Google's world-famous algorithms to deliver for you profits of $350,000 every year.


You can be sure that has never endorsed a product making such ludicrous claims. Google is synonymous with sophisticated computer power. In the case of GoogleTrader, it seems as though their reputation is being exploited by scam advertisers in an attempt to appear credible. We decided to look further into this suspicious offer.


Our endeavors are focused at uncovering the coldblooded, criminal scams out there, and guaranteeing that these scammers will be prosecuted. We’re not that worried about Google's reputation, since they can guard their interests well.
We are, however, worried about binary options traders falling prey to scammers who offer them stories about how they take advantage of Google's “brain” to produce profits.


In this review, we will handle the GoogleTrader claims one by one, and analyze these senseless claims:


1. They claim in the video that the Google algorithm recognizes what the best market opportunities are. This is ludicrous, since Google deals with internet searches, and its algorithm is designed to answer your search questions with the most fitting websites. Without a doubt, the algorithm is amazingly good at finding relevant websites. However this has nothing to do with discovering trading opportunities. It is only a scammy method for utilizing Google's name to earn false credit for their dodgy scheme.


2. They claim to depend on Google's smart algorithm – this is outlandish, as the algorithm is top secret. It is really Google's most intensely watched trade secret, known only to a handful of engineers who are paid very well to keep the secret. Therefore, no one on the planet has any idea what’s in the algorithm and obviously could not utilize it.



3. They assert that their system is "powered by Google" for the purpose of opening and closing trades. This is obviously a lie. Google does not provide support for opening or closing trades, and will never support such a scam anyway.


As if these ludicrous claims were not enough, we had to endure watching the fake testimonials by actors that we've already located on Fiverr - we definitely know them from past Binary Options scams.


At that point the video proceeds with guarantees of impossible profits of up to $4300 every day. You’re probably not surprised to hear that it is difficult to produce such a profit from a deposit of $250, and not possible to do on a regular basis. Simply do some quick math and find out for yourself. Profiting consistently at the above rate of return, implies that in a matter of a couple of weeks, you would be wealthier than Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, two of the wealthiest men on the planet. The marketers of GoogleTrader have been utilizing it for quite a long time – yet at the same time not able to rival Bill Gate's fortune. Once more, ludicrous claims by the gTrader advertising wizards.


We must therefore declare GoogleTrader as a coldhearted Binary Options scam intended to rob  you of your hard earned cash. The makers of this auto trading software use tricks, for example, utilizing the name of the world's most popular search engine, giving fake client testimonials, and making crazy promises of getting rich overnight. You are encouraged to avoid this dirty scam and spare your money and efforts, to be used with legitimate Binary Options software, for example Escape The Race which has proven to be a good money-making system.


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