Unveiled: is Escape The Rat Race scam or genuine?

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, even though it didn't give an impression of being a scam at first sight. Obviously we will never settle for looking at the surface, so normally we needed to investigate it. We even deposited real money and tried it – you'll be amazed at what we found.


Examining the video and website

Therefore we gave Escape The Race a chance to prove itself with a minimal deposit amount. But before we show the results, let’s have a look at their explanations and sales video. We have examined the video made by the folks at Escape The Race. The video on their site highlights Matt Taylor, an ex-Wall Street trader who decided to investigate how Warren Buffet, Philip Fisher, Jeremy Siegel and other investment gurus amassed their fortunes. What sort of trading strategies do they utilize? How did they actually succeed?


We liked the fact that the video was not filled with empty promises and hype usually found in such sites. In all honesty, we're completely tired of stories of secret formulas and exploiting loopholes, as promoted by scam Binary Options systems, for example Regal Wealth and Disrupt Trading.


Thankfully, no ridiculous guarantees in this video! Rather, Matt Taylor explains that the method he came up with is based around Moving Averages, in the way successful Wall Street traders use them. 


from the escape the race videoJudge approval seal


Matt Taylor seems cocky, which we disliked, and this did not make the video watching very pleasant for us. Having said that, even if half of what he says is genuine – then we’re happy to hear the gloating...


Testing Escape The Race with real money 

On that positive note, we chose to advance and give the system a test ride in the genuine real money world. We've joined to get inside the members area. Then deposited $250 so that we're able to take trades. We were also looking to test not only if the strategy is profitable but also whether the broker will enable us to easily and quickly withdraw our funds and (hopefully) profits.


This is the Escape the Race signals platform:


Platform of Escape The Race binary trading strategy


The Escape The Race signals platform seems quality and clean. It appears to have been set up by expert engineers who think about quality and usefulness: the graph, signals, account settings and so forth.


However now its time for the really important test of trading with the platform live. We've taken 8 trades as per the signals generated by the Escape The Race platform, over a course of two hours. We ended up with 6 profitable trades and 2 losing, for a profit of $220. We were happy with having almost doubled the account in a matter of two hours.
We’ve also checked their site for Trojans and Malware and found it to be clean and safe to use.

This is how the platform looked like after our initial profits:


Escape the race binary options platform live testing


Second test we did was the withdrawal test. Scam Binary Options brokers usually fail this test. But not in this case, when we happily withdrew our deposit and profit, within 1.5 hours of the withdrawal request.


Conclusion: is it a binary options scam or not?

Taking everything into account, we are pleased to label the system as legitimate and potentially profitable. They have demonstrated an honest approach, profitable trading performance and their recommended broker was easy to work with and honest. We are now depositing more into the account in order to continue trading this promising system.


***** UPDATE *****

After two weeks of running Escape The Race on automated trading, our account balance has grown to $3125 - excellent performance! In this screen shot you can see our account:


Escape the race binary platform at the ending of testing


To get Escape the Rat Race, click below (it is still free!)



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