Real money testing of the Centument 2.0 scam

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is binary options signals software. You can either trade the signals manually or use the auto trading function to have the signals traded automatically on your brokerage account.


If you prefer to watch this review in video, here is Kyle's review and real live testing:


As mentioned, we have already tested the first version of the Centument in January 2016. We were happy with the test results, and have recommended it as a “Judge Binary Options Approved” system.

The two versions are different in both the platform design and the algorithm used. The platform itself looks nicer in design, but not much in the way of new features. It is mainly the algorithm that has changed.


This is the official video presenting the system and its creator, Gerald Reed:



We inquired with Gerald Reed, the developer of the Centument, regarding the changes in the algorithm. The code itself is a trade secret obviously, however he was willing to disclose that changes were made in the entry rules in a way that filters some of the inaccuracies of the original version.


From the Centument 2 binary signals video


These filters are based on analyzing and comparing current price movements with past movements on various timeframes. We decided to test the Centument 2.0 again on real money to see if these changes were really bringing in more profits.


Another factor in deciding to invest real money to test this software, was that it is the second version of an already existing and proven system. In an industry where each new product is hyped to death and then shown to be a scam and disappears – the Centument shows not just results, but also surprising stamina.


It is one of the very few binary options signals software that we have found to be profitable. For the complete list of the ones who passed our live tests, see the Binary Options Signals section.


We decided to invest the minimum amount necessary to open an account and use the Centument 2.0 for free, which is $250 USD.


Upon registering and depositing into our account, we entered the actual signals platform, which looks like this:


The Centument 2 binary platform


We liked the clean and modern looking interface. You have controls the type of signals you wish to see (currencies, stocks, commodities, indices), controls for automated or manual trading, risk parameters for the bot trading, etc.


However, even for newbies the platform is user friendly and enables a quick startup process. For those who wish to use just the auto trading bot, all that’s required is a one-time setup that takes a few seconds.


For our testing purposes we opted for the auto trading bot, which means we will be able to see the signals performance objectively without interfering with its operation.


We started testing on Monday, 29th of August. The first day ended in a nice profit of $70. Next day saw another increase of $50, and Wednesday ended in a loss of $15. By Friday, our account balance was $415. Not bad at all for a week of automated trading!


Centument test after first week


For the second week we felt a little more comfortable leaving it without constant monitoring, and apart from a few glances, just let it work until the end of the week. We noticed that the win rate was quite high, and the account balance at the end of the week was $783 – another week of excellent performance!


We let it run for another week, and were pleased to see that it had made further profits, and our account balance on the 16th of September is $1,297.


Live test of Centument 2 binary system week 3


In this case the Judge verdict was clear cut: a profitable and legit system, worthy of the Judge Binary Options Seal. You can get the Centument 2.0 for free using the button below:







Thank you for reading this review. If you've also used the Centument 2.0, please share your results in the comments below, so other users can benefit from your findings as well.



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2 thoughts on “Real money testing of the Centument 2.0 scam”

Dave L says:

09 Oct, 2016

After the first week of running the centument it made me a little more than $300 on a deposit of $250 so I'm very happy with it so far. god bless you all.

Yohan says:

27 Sep, 2016

Excellent review! How much is the minimum investment for one trade?

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