Binary Options Demo Account - a critical tool in your arsenal

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- a binary options demo account is a good way to test things without any risk. 


To get a free demo account with one of the best brokers available, use the link below:

Regulated hand-picked brokers page

Advantages of a binary demo account

Are you itching to try trading binary options? Or trying a new trading strategy you’ve just learned? Bear in mind that jumping straight into real money trading is just asking to learn the hard way!


When you begin trading by using real money instead of demo, you are at a disadvantage. Even though binary options are simple to understand, they require some time before you can master them.


Without the proper amount of practice you might get lucky, but you might also find yourself losing considerable amounts of money. A demo trading account can speed up the learning process. Without a practice account, you are throwing yourself into the water without learning first how to swim.


Rather than struggle to learn things when you’re first starting out, while losing money in the process, with a demo you will have a chance to broaden your knowledge, skills and confidence.


Who offers demo account for binary options

Unfortunately not all brokers offer demo accounts. Because we get asked a lot about it, we have researched which honest and regulated brokers also offer a demo.


We have found the following brokers to be trustworthy, regulated and provide a demo account:


- one of the leading online binary options brokers, was founded in 2011 and since then known for their outstanding client service and stable, quality trading platform.


– among the largest and most popular Binary Options brokers in the world. They serve traders from 80 countries, with a multilingual trading platform and client support team.


– popular European broker, founded in 2010, quickly expanded and became known as one of the most reputable and highest paying binary option brokers. 


– reputable broker, regulated with 11 financial authorities around the world and offering a cutting edge platform.


– London-based broker, founded in 2013. Offering an advanced, user friendly trading platform with a very large array of assets to trade.

How to get the demo account from the broker?

With most brokers, to get a demo account you will need to open a real account with the broker and then deposit a minimal amount into the account. You will not need to use this money or make even a single real trade. However you need to deposit it because unless you are a client, the broker will not give you a demo account.


Challenges of demo trading

Demo is good for learning how to use the trading platform or testing a new binary strategy, but because it is not real money, it lacks one of the most important ingredients of trading, your emotional reaction to profits and losses.


It is not the same thing to see a fake $100 get lost and see real $100 of your money gets lost. Having a live option open which is currently losing, and watching it till option expiry can be a stressful experience. The other possibility could be stressful as well, having your option open with a nice profit and watching it till expiry, hoping the market won’t reverse.


That’s why after a while demo trading it’s a good idea to start small with real money. Invest very small amounts per trade, such as $5 or $10. This way you can experience the true feelings of profit and loss and gain more confidence.

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