Serious binary options scam alert: High Frequency Trader!

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Now let’s dissect the High frequency trader offer: immediately upon entering the High Frequency Trader website, you are faced with an outrageous promise: “make $9,838 every single day, no experience required”. Does that make any sense?

from the High Frequency Trader binary options scam website

If you could make a profit of $9,838 every single day, you’d have $216,436 by the end of the month. Not only that, but they promise you’ll make this kind of money without any effort on your side. Just deposit $250 into your broker account, press a button and see the profits pouring. That’s just about the silliest promise we’ve heard for a long while!

But the stupidity doesn’t stop there. On the High Frequency Trader video, you can see several user testimonials.
In these testimonials, the users which are actors by the way, show a smartphone app and get excited every time they refresh the screen to find huge profits mounting in their account each and every second. But all we can see are just icons on their screen… this is pathetic.


fake testimonial for the HF Trader binary options scam

Not to mention the fact that these are all fake testimonials, being played by actors that anyone can hire on the website. These actors will say and do anything for just a few dollars. For example, take another look at the actress above holding the smartphone... Here's her acting gig on Fiverr:


binary options scammers hiring Fiverrr actors

This makes us wonder how come a company which makes millions of dollars of pure profits for itself and its clients, doesn’t have even one genuine client testimonial, and can’t afford to hire anything but the cheapest actors found online!

The only good thing we can say about the video is that it starts with an excerpt from CBS’s “60 Minutes” show, which tells about the secrets of the Wall Street algo trading industry.

Here’s the CBS news story in full – definitely worth watching!


After the TV story, which is totally unrelated to this actual binary options system, we can see an actor which calls himself Steve, and claims the system is a high frequency algo trading.


This presentation is not only false, it is downright ludicrous. Just watch the CBS story above to understand how high frequency trading is so out of the league of any home-based trader!


Only banks and hedge funds, who can spare tens of millions of dollars on hardware, software and genius scientists, can afford to run High Frequency trading software. Moreover, this software is not compatible with any binary options broker in the world. It will only work on stocks and commodities exchanges.


In conclusion, the developers of the High frequency trader binary system are telling blatant lies, presented by actors who impersonate as traders and happy users, but show no proof to their claims except fuzzy smartphone screens. We urge you to stay as further away from the High frequency trader as possible, unless you’re looking to lose most or all of your investment!

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