Exposing the lies behind the Profits Infinity scam

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 is being spread virally, but feedback starts to accumulate regarding the poor performance of its trade signals. In this post we expose the shocking Binary Options scam organized by the Profits Infinity team.


Profits Infinity present their fake stories and absurd claims in a video which looks well edited. In the video, they claim to have had no losses in their trading since 2014. This is a silly claim, and is not substantiated with any proof at all. This only goes to show their lack of seriousness. They could have asserted to have a high success rate - that would have sounded more realistic. What’s wrong with 60%? 75%? These guys clearly don’t understand what they’re talking about. This can be a very bad indication, when we look for an honest Binary Options system.



Then the Profits Infinity presenter claims that they’ve invented a safety mechanism - if a trade goes against you, it will exit the trade at breakeven. This is also a ludicrous claim. It is impossible to achieve this with any software or human trader, otherwise the whole concept of options would fall apart.


After the system exits the trade at break even the crazy fantasies get worse than that – the losing trade is supposedly passed on to another trader who uses the Profits Infinity system. While we try to understand how they'd exit at breakeven to avoid the loss, we also can’t help but wonder what would the other trader do with that losing trade – will he exit it at breakeven as well? It is silly as it sounds.


Why is it a binary options scam?


Looking at the presenter’s credentials, it's really suspicious that such a successful millionaire trader doesn't have any on-line presence – no Facebook, no LinkedIn, no reference on the internet - nothing. The only references we found were “reviews” of the Profits infinity system, which were either scam warnings or reviews that are positive which appeared to be biased. In our experience, these kinds of findings usually demonstrate that the identity of the individual is fake, and he is just an actor with a made up name and story.


Especially the story of developing the software at IBM doesn’t make sense. If the software was really developed by a team at IBM, then it is the intellectual property of IBM. Mr. Bromovich as an ex-consultant has no right distributing it for free or even selling it.


Furthermore, if the software really works and makes millions of dollars, then IBM would have never release it to the public. After all, imagine a big corporation who owns a money-printing machine. Would they give it away for free on the internet? This claim is among the most silly we’ve heard in a while.


Another concerning issue with Profits Infinity sales web site is the fake endorsements from such big names as Bloomberg, Forbes, CNN. You can bet these newspapers have never even considered mentioning Profits Infinity, let alone recommending such a scam.


Disappointed from the ridiculous video, we continued on to signup and look inside the members’ webpage. We found there a group of testimonials, and did a google search to see if the clients pictured there are real or fake.



We've looked into the various pictures of client testimonials and found them to be stock photos used by many other sites. An especially busy actor is no other than the client Peter Nickleson, who is apparently a model with very nice teeth. This explains why he’s featured in two other websites, endorsing dental services.


Conclusions and verdict


In conclusion, we have found too much lies, forgery and ridiculous claims in the Profits Infinity website, so we cannot possibly take it seriously. It is clearly a fraud, done by advertising professionals who don’t know much about binary options trading, and hence leave their customers with nothing but damaging losses. For a much better alternative, check out the Lucrosa binary system, which we have tested on real money.



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