Review and Live real money testing of Lucrosa Binary signals! Is it a scam or not?

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. Lucrosa is a free software that provides binary options signals as well as automated robot execution of the signals.


If you'd rather watch this review on video, here's Kyle's video review:



The developer of the system is John Lucrosa, a former fund manager who approached us and presented his system. He asked if we could test his system and report the results to our followers so he gets more exposure, and our followers get an honest review.

John Lucrosa was willing to take the risk that the system might lose, and we would label it as scam and thus bring bad publicity to his trading system. The reason he was willing to take the risk is that he is absolutely confident that the system produces constant profits.


In this video you can see John Lucrosa presenting the system:
(Taken from the website)


Since our impression of the website and developer were positive, we were willing to test it, on two conditions:

1. We will report any result we get, whether it is profitable or losing
2. We will deposit our own money, so that there isn’t any concern of biased test results.


Testing the Lucrosa binary signals and robot

As soon as we ensured that our conditions for testing are accepted, we opened the real live account at Lucrosa, which provided us access to their software.


We have deposited $250 into the live account, which is a relatively small amount, but enough to be able to let the system show what it is capable of.

This is how the platform looks like, with our $250 deposited:

The Lucrosa binary options trading strategy platform

We have placed the platform on auto trading, so we can get all trades and later be able to analyze the trades and the outcomes. Auto trading mode means that all the signals that the software sends, are being automatically executed in our trading account, without any human intervention.

The software does let you choose if you prefer to go the automated route, or view the signals on their platform, so that you can execute each signal manually. The auto trading mode is suitable for both beginner and advanced traders, who don’t have time, knowledge or desire to trade manually.

The manual option is more suitable for advanced traders who are looking for full control over which signals to execute and which to pass. Manual control is also useful to control what would be the risk per trade. For our testing, we just set a constant risk per trade of $25, so the test results would reflect the risks and rewards more accurately.

We let the software run for one week, while monitoring the progress of the account. We’ve seen quite a high win rate during the first few days, which was very encouraging. At the end of the week, our account balance was up by $685 which was fantastic. Win rate was 73% which is also among the best we’ve seen lately.

Our account after the first week of automated trading:

Lucrosa live testing after first week


Results and conclusions

We haven’t reached the $7,250 per day as per their website, however we weren’t expecting such profits since we’ve deposited just the minimal amount, and have used the lowest risk per trade possible, cutting down our profits but also our risk.

The second week saw an even more impressive gain. As the days went by, the account gradually grew (except for 2 days of losses) and eventually closed the week with the account balance at $3282 as can be seen in the screen shot below:


Lucrosa live testing screenshot

As it was proven profitable, we continue running the system and will report if any new finding emerge. We’ve also looked into their website, which includes an inspiring video and the story of the system.

Until now, the Lucrosa system was open only to a handful of people who worked from home using the system, making around $15,000 USD per month. Now Lucrosa has opened the door for more users, and we appreciate the opportunity to test drive the system before it was released publicly. Verdict: Good to go!











By Leo Blake
Judge Binary Options team

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7 thoughts on “Review and Live real money testing of Lucrosa Binary signals! Is it a scam or not?”

Shudu says:

16 Sep, 2016

Hello thanks for the review,id like to know if it's still profitable even today and do you switch it on for the whole day or there's a preferred time that thank you

Judge Binary Options says:

You're welcome Shudu. we leave it working without stopping it. Yes, it is still producing profits on top of what we got from the initial testing.

Geunae Prinsloo says:

03 Sep, 2016

Hi Leo - wonderful review. I've registered and the software takes me to CFD Stocks as the broker. I haven't heard of them before, can't find any information about them on the internet other than their website - otherwise no further information. I've tried calling their contact numbers on their website, doesn't even ring. Would really like to try out the software based on your review, however, I'm nervous to use the broker it's linked my account to. I've tried registering with another email address but it still takes me through to the same broker, probably due to my location. Any advise? How does one choose a broker as you mentioned above?

Judge Binary Options says:

Hi, Geunae Thanks for the compliment and glad you found the review useful. The broker is chosen automatically based on your location, as different brokers serve different countries or have active local representatives who provide client service. We haven't reviewed the specific broker that you mentioned, however even if some website claims they're scam it is not definite, because some reviewers are biased. Starting with a minimum deposit amount could be a way to find out if the broker is okay.

james Harden says:

01 Sep, 2016

Hi Leo, I appreciate your recommendation to use Lucrosa, i made a deposit and activated the software. I made profit of $359 on my first day. Thanks James

Judge Binary Options says:

James, glad to hear you made profits with the Lucrosa. We are also continuing to see very good profits on our test account.

Ali says:

01 Sep, 2016

Thanks for the review! I'll start right after the weekend, finally system that works.

Judge Binary Options says:

Hi Ali, good luck! It's a good choice of binary system.

Judge Binary Options says:

31 Aug, 2016

Colton, the software is connected to several brokers, which we know are reputable and regulated. So once you sign up, you can use any of the brokers that the software would recommend.

Darren M says:

31 Aug, 2016

hello can you tell me what's the minimum trading amount?

Judge Binary Options says:

Hi Darren, The minimum deposit to get the software for free is $250, which is also what we deposited. The minimum amount per trade is $25 and can be set automatically.

Colton says:

31 Aug, 2016

hey, i'm about to register to the software...but what broker to choose?

Judge Binary Options says:

Hi Colton, The software will choose automatically the broker that serves your region. For non-scam, serious binary signals like this one, the selected broker are usually regulated and trustworthy.

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