Real acid test of the Modern Profit Professor - scam investigation

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We were interested in this product since it's a web site which appears legitimate at first sight, and unfortunately we don’t get to see many of those as most sites look like your typical online money- sucking on scam.


Therefore, we looked carefully into the site, and we watched the entire video, which turned out to be quite interesting.


to see the original wesbite for Modern Profit Professor


In the website video, Marco Adessi, founder of the firm, tells his personal story. His parents emigrated to the US from Italy in pursuit of the American dream. However they were in great financial distress, and Marco himself was working really hard for a pitiful wages. That is until he was fortunate enough to be mentored by a highly successful Wall Street trader.


This is the video of their website, featuring Marco Adessi and the other team members of Modern Profit Professor:



Which leads us to wonder: what’s the most effective way to learn trading? It surely isn't through classes made by brokers, who have a conflict of interests with teaching their clients to trade. It is also not through learning from one of those self-proclaimed fake trading gurus. The best way would be to learn trading from a mentor who’s truly made it, such as an active successful Wall Street trader.


So, we were happy to see the system was developed by someone who had not only succeeded in trading himself, but have been mentored by a top Wall Street trader.


The presentation looks sincere and not overly pushy. The video was filmed in the MPP offices, so we get an opportunity to see how the business looks like, and meet the folks behind it.



After viewing the video, we wanted to run a test for two weeks on live real money. We minimized the risk by depositing only the minimum of $250. The logic was that many users would do the same and test on a relatively small account, and if the software knows the best way to make gains, it will most likely give us the opportunity to experience it, regardless of amount of deposit.


We have chosen not to use the signals for manual trading, but have the system trade automatically according to the signals, with no intervention on our side, since we wanted to analyze the system without influencing the results.


This is the Modern Profit Professor platform with the $250 deposit and ready for action:



The first day ended in a profit of $150, and the second day added another $245 to our account. The next days were also mostly profitable, leading to a total of $1500 profited with a starting deposit of $250. We were impressed.


The Modern Profit Professor video asserts that you will make $800 in the first week. We appreciated the fact that they didn’t promise to get-rich-quick, but a more modest proposition of $800. In reality, it is close to the results that we now have gotten with our tests, which led us to conclude that this might be a sincere and genuine offer.


These are the results we've gotten on auto trading mode (starting deposit $250)



Therefore, after looking into the website and testing the software with real money, we’re really happy to declare that the Modern Profit Professor has passed our tests, and we'll continue to run the system on autopilot on our account. Verdict: recommended system.










(The above is our certification badge, as well as an authorized link to the Modern Profit Professor website)





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2 thoughts on “Real acid test of the Modern Profit Professor - scam investigation”

Nelson says:

04 Sep, 2016

hey guys. i registered and deposited $350. hope to get good results!

Judge Binary Options says:

Hi Nelson, Thanks for the and good luck! Keep us posted with your results.

Melanie says:

04 Sep, 2016

looks promising. please keep us d!

Judge Binary Options says:

Thanks Melanie. We've seen consistent profits since starting to test this program.

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