Revealing the truth about Money Mentors Club - is it a scam?

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. We have been contacted by the software creators who were confident enough to ask us if we would test-drive their software, objectively and publicly report on our findings. In the following post we reveal everything.


If you prefer to watch this review on video, here's the live real money test review from Kyle:



About a month ago, the publishers of the Money Mentors Club approached us and offered a copy of the system for us to test. They were aware of our standing within the trading industry, as an objective source of reviews and scam alerts. They believed the best way for them to show traders that their software makes money is by having it objectively examined by a 3rd party, well known authority such as the Judge.


Of course we made it clear that we will be fully objective and transparent, and will not hesitate to report on losses if we encounter any, as well as declare this software as scam in the event that we judge it to be so. The publishers of MM Club agreed to our terms, and so we set up our investigation.


First, we scrutinized the website. A website can tell a lot about how serious the team behind the system is - are they actual traders or snake oil salesmen who've little clue about binary or trading?


Click image below to see their website and interesting video:



At first impression of the site, it looks legitimate and not the kind of spam we’re used to seeing. It is clean and simple, but explains what the product is and what’s the story behind it.


The creators of Money Mentors Club avoid any of the usual get-rich-quick type of hype, and this really is a good hint as to how legit the site is.


Another important aspect to note regarding this system is the mentoring program. Mentoring is offered free to all users. It's true that many lose with Forex and Binary Options even though they have the appropriate money making tools. Turns out the tools are not enough.

Quality coaching is paramount for success, and that’s why the developers of this software have taken care to provide training to users, to ensure they are able to make the most out of it, and optimize its profit potential.


One other interesting point to note is that they use an investment technique that’s popular among the world’s strongest investors, known as the “portfolio” or multi-asset strategy. It means they trade on multiple assets, which lowers the risk and can possibly enable more gains.


This is the MM Club video:



After having witnessed that the site appears truthful and does not consist of the standard spam and hype, we began to analyze the robot and signals platform on live real money. We insisted on using our own money so we remain completely objective, as well as able to see the method by which the system works on a frequent customer’s live real money account.


Thus we started running the software on automated trading mode with the default settings. We used a new account with a $250 minimal deposit. We wanted to test it for at least two weeks, but we were compelled to continue, due to the profits seen in the first two weeks.


On the first week, net profit was $868 and Win rate 82%. Second week saw net profit of $766 and win rate 79%, while third week had a net profit of $1257 with a win rate of 89%. All in all, excellent results achieved with no effort on our side except the quick one time setup of the robot, $3141.

This is how the account looked like after 3 weeks:


Our test account after 3 weeks


Apart from the encouraging results, we were also impressed by the fact that the Money Mentors Club approached us, and were confident to put their reputation in our hands and let us objectively report on our findings. If they were like other scammers, they risked immediate exposure. However their software is legit and profitable, hence they had nothing to be afraid of.

Thus, we're declaring the Money Mentors Club binary options robot as a system that is legitimate, and undoubtedly worth using. Verdict: profitable and honest!


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