Live Real Money testing of the VirtNext Binary signals and robot

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, tested in our labs with real money. Finally we can expose whether Virtnext is a scam or a really profitable and honest strategy.


Continuing our ongoing commitment to weed out the binary options scams and find for you those unique systems which are valuable and profitable, we have invested in comprehensive testing of VirtNext. Read more for our findings and review.


The VirtNext is a binary options signals platform which also features auto trading. This means that you have two possibilities of using this platform:

1. Get the signals (trade alerts) and trade them manually
2. Have a robot trade the signals for you automatically


The first option, of manual trading, is suitable for experienced traders or those who have the time to dedicate to trading themselves.


However, if you don’t have experience of trading or if you don’t have time to trade, no worries – there is an “auto trading” button within the platform, that you can set to trade automatically. The software will trade without the need for your intervention. This is how it looks like:



For our testing, which we will get to in a minute, we used the “Auto Trading” mode. The reason is we wanted to conduct the most objective testing possible. Auto Trading enables the software to trade without our intervention. That way, we can remove the human element and see what the Virtnext algorithm is capable of.


Before we get into the test results, let’s have a quick review of the website for the VirtNext. It is a relatively simple website, which describes the software and provides some testimonials and frequently asked questions.



There’s much less hype than with other binary options scams that we’ve reviewed, therefore we had a good feeling about this system. We’ve also received several messages from followers who were the first to try the system, and they have report very good results.


This has prompted us to conduct further testing. To ensure our test is objective, we have registered as any regular user would do.


The software itself is completely free to use, however we needed to open an account with one of their brokers, as selected automatically according to the country of the client. After we deposited the initial amount, 350 Euro, we got access to the platform.


The platform itself looks serious and professional, yet it is very easy to use. Just a few controls to cover the important functions such as risk per trade and Auto Trading On/Off:



We decided to test the VirtNext for at least a month. Starting balance was 350 Euro. As the first week progressed, we were happy to see that the winning rate was quite high, around the 70%, so we ended up the first week with 210 Euro of profits. There were occasional losses of course, but almost each and every day ended with some profit. Here are the details of the other testing weeks:

Second week profits: 126 Euro

Third week profits: 355 Euro
Fourth week profits: 472 Euro
Total profits for 1 month: 1,163 Euro


Total in our account (including initial deposit) after one month of using VirtNext = 1,513 Euro!



These results are really impressive, and show a clear trend of consistent profits with a high win rate and smooth performance. This leads us to conclude that VirtNext is NOT a scam, but rather a legit, profitable binary signals platform. Verdict: good to go!


(Note: we are updating the Judge seal for 2016 following more recent comments about the continued profitability of the system)


  By Leo Blake
  Judge Binary Options team


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9 thoughts on “Live Real Money testing of the VirtNext Binary signals and robot”

Ko Ko Aung says:

10 Sep, 2016

I can't register. Please help

Judge Binary Options says:

Hi Ko Ko Aung, please message me on facebook and I'll do my best to help:

Shohid sarkar says:

14 Jun, 2016

I have need to confirmation receiving my winner eligiblelity money directly to my Neteller /payoneer account now

Judge Binary Options says:

Hi Shohid Sarkar, hopefully everything is good now. If you have further issues, write us an email and we'll try to assist.

nandana kumara says:

05 Jun, 2016


Judge Binary Options says:

Hi Nandana kumara, Thanks for your offer but we are here to give traders objective and honest reviews and scam alerts. we do not take money or manage money for people.

Guacim says:

04 Jun, 2016

Un cordial saludo a todos buena experiencia

Lina shah says:

29 May, 2016

Virtnext is it available in kenya. 24 option do they work on your behalf.

Chris B says:

12 Feb, 2016

has virtnext gone away? i have an account with them and a deposit.

Judge Binary Options says:

Hi, Chris B. The link for the website has changed due a version upgraded, the new link is:

eric mahy says:

05 Jan, 2016

i have an account with titan trade can i use virtnext with this account

Judge Binary Options says:

open a new account, otherwise they will not give you free access to the software

Maureen Thomson says:

28 Dec, 2015

I deposited $300.00 2 or 3 days ago, and I have yet to receive any input from Virtnext as to what is happening with my money. I have done everything you asked for, and would like to hear from someone in the company. It's pretty sad when you feel like you made a bad choice in a binary trading company. Please have someone get back to me so I know what my next move should be.Sincerely, Maureen P. Thomson

Judge Binary Options says:

Hi Maureen Thomson, We are not related to virtnext, however once you deposited you can view and use your software based on the login details they have sent you to your e-mail once you opened your account. If in any case you forgot these details, you can try to restore your password via their software url:

Dominicious Kondo says:

28 Dec, 2015

Kindly let me know if at all has Virtnext got into Kenya and if so please to which legalized broker are they working with, since 24 option has got to Kenya, kindly if there is a way they integrate it with my trading account it will be my pleasure or still if it means opening a new account with them to assign me with a broker then am more than willing to join,, please let me know how.

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