Strong warning: the Nesdek Corp scam!

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What concerned us is the claims of inflated profits, presented on the website. The makers of Nesdek Binary Options software assert that it delivers an incredible 95% winning rate. This kind of result is inconceivable, particularly with Binary Options. Asserting such a triumphant rate implies either the  makers don't understand enough about Binary Options to know that they are promising the outlandish, or they think their customers would be stupid enough to believe it.


Moreover, the video continues to show the two actors artists going to drink champagne, returning after 3 hours to discover their trading account tripled. They clarify that these are the normal results to be expected from the Nesdek software. Once more, over the top script and not very believable.


Regardless of whether we believed that Nesdek can somehow triple the account, any bet that results in tripling an account also bears an enormous risk, which has been totally ignored in the video. So much for honest presentation.


Similarly as with any Binary Options system guaranteeing to deliver stunning profits, we should raise the question – why might the makers of the software hand over their “cash printing machine” to random people? Why not just keep a low profile and triple their cash every day? Indeed, their video endeavors to answer this inquiry in the most foolish way:



“The software is getting smarter with every investment made. That’s why we need YOU to make trades”.
This is such a ludicrous idea. The person is supposedly a multi-millionaire, who has a software that made many other individuals multi-millionaires. You'd think those many millions would suffice to make enough trades to better the software. But instead, he thinks that our modest $250 deposit would make more trades so his system would get more intelligent…


Also, how much more intelligent does the software should be – it is now tripling the investor’s cash in a matter of hours. That ought to have been the most brilliant software ever. Just imagine if a bank or investment firm would get software like this – they would triple their billions in a matter of hours, and assume control over the world… This joke is getting better and better.


On the left hand side of their site, Nesdek present eager reviews by the world's top money related and news media: Forbes, NBC News and The New York Times. For example, NBC News: “Thanks to the advanced Nesdek method, everybody in the world can make money from their own living room...”.

We have made many attempts to find these quotes from the above prestigious sources. Sadly, we haven't been able to discover anything. We were not surprised though. It is improbable that any of these media outlets would have even considered endorsing such a scam binary options system.


The makers of Nesdek corp present a multitude of fake testimonials and review, along with silly claims without any proof. Therefore we have no choice but to declare it as a scam. Stay away from Nesdek system, and save your hard earned money for better, more profitable systems such as the .


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