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Now imagine there was a game where you don’t have a chance to win, because the other party never loses. Who would be willing to play this kind of game, where he understands he's going to lose to another party?


We’re talking here about a zero chance to win. People would play if the chances are not high, for example they might purchase lottery tickets. But if the chances are zero they wouldn't normally play.

Back to the Binary Options world – nobody would be willing to trade against a machine that always wins, and no broker would enable one player to win 100% of the time on a regular basis for an extended period. Thus, it's not possible to run a binary options strategy such as No Loss Formula.


Further scam findings 

We continue looking into the video in the No Loss Formula website, and get another ridiculous claim, this time about a guarantee that you will profit $200 - $800 per trade. This is another senseless fantasy, and we’ll describe why.


The minimum sum so that you can deposit in order to use the system is $250. In this case you'll have two choices: Either you risk your whole deposit on an individual trade, which is referred to as the fastest means to lose, or alternatively deposit thousands of dollars, which is something they wouldn’t admit you should do. In light of that, if you don't deposit huge sums of money into your brokerage account, you will not come close to making between $200 to $800 per each trade.



From the video by No Loss Formula binary trading signals (click the image to visit their website)



In conclusion, we have found nothing but lies in the No Loss Formula website, and are forced to conclude that this is indeed a binary scam. We were terribly sorry to hear that some of our followers signed up for this software and have lost substantial amounts of money. For systems that actually make money and produce good profits, go to our “Binary Options Signals” section.

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