Profitable 60 Second Binary Options Trading Strategy

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, , or but as you will see in the images below the charting solution that we prefer to use due to simplicity and convenience would be Free Stock Charts. 


Now one of the best advantages in regards to this strategy would be how it only requires the use of two technical analysis indicators, one being the MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) indicator while the other is an Exponential Moving Average.  If you are using Free Stock Charts though the EMA (exponential moving average) indicator should automatically be included into your charting solution when you add your MACD indicator.  


60 seconds binary trading strategy - chart 1


Customization & Recommendations


Prior to the application process of this trading strategy it is obviously imperative that we make sure we have the proper set up.  Since this is a 60 second trading strategy you will want to make sure that your time frame on your charting solution is set to 60 seconds.  In addition, this trading strategy should only be invested with currency pairs so as long as your underlying assets are currency pairs you will be good to go. 


The last customization set up that should be followed would be that you want the Moving Average Convergence Divergence indicator to be set to a period of 9 and 20 while our Exponential Moving Average indicator is set to a period of 3.  


Application of the trading strategy


Now that all the preliminary requirements have been met we can focus on the application and signal portion of this trading strategy which not only is simplistic but highly accurate.  In order for a signal to be processed we need a merge or cross to occur between our two technical indicator lines where the direction of the cross will dictate which type of investment to place.  To get an idea and see how this trading strategy would look in action please refer to the image below.  



60 seconds binary trading strategy - chart 2


Strategy Conclusion


Applying this technical analysis based trading strategy will not only help improve your chances of success within the binary options industry but also serves as proof that even the most novice trading strategies can yield great results. 


Applying binary option trading strategies in combination with highly rated and trusted Binary Options Signals and Trusted Brokers will ensure your best probability of success within the binary options industry.  As always if you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to Contact Us.  


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