Flood of testimonials about the Opus Formula binary options signals

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However, what prompted us to look into the Opus Formula system are 15 messages we’ve gotten from followers who signed up for this system and used it for a while. All followers but one were very happy about the results. We will get into the user results later in this review.


The single user that wasn’t happy with the results of Opus Formula complained about the broker. However we found the complaint to be unrelated to Opus. When we inquired with the Opus Formula support team, they told us they’ve stopped working with that specific broker due to complaints. This is a good sign of responsiveness – they really care about their users.


Looking into the Opus website



Before we get into the user’s results, let’s have a quick look at . The system’s website often reveals a lot about how honest or scam the developers of the system are.


We’ve seen so many websites with get-rich-quick type of promises, actors presenting testimonials which are obviously fake, as well as other signs that we’re dealing with crooks who know nothing about making profits with binary options, but know something about high pressure marketing…


This is not the case with the Opus Formula however. The site presents a simple and clean design without elements of pushy, aggressive marketing tactics. They don’t try to convince us with marketing gimmicks, JavaScript special effects or fake testimonials.

Also of note is that on the website they provide live trading results, which consist of a breakdown trade by trade for each and every trading day.


These are definitely good signs that we might be looking at a legit binary offer, however what really convinced us were the authentic and objective messages we got from followers of Binary Options Place, with details of their trading account utilizing the Opus Formula auto trader or manual signals service.


Results and testimonials


Florian M. from Belgium reported depositing $500 and seeing an average win rate of 71% using only the auto trader. He reported his results broken down to weeks as follows:

16/8 – 19/8 -> $230
22/8 – 26/8 -> $382
29/8 – 2/9 -> $544

In total three weeks of profitable results, and seeing the account more than doubled from initial deposit.


Adelina S. from Germany reported depositing $2,500 and making a profit of $1,855 on the first two weeks, doing mostly manual trading of the signals. She also mentioned that: "I have tried so many binary options robots... lost a lot with all of them, but this is the only one that made profits for me, and of course I'm hanging on to it for the long run!". 


Rex M. from the UK reported a deposit of $1,000 and average weekly profit of around $700 with a win rate of 73%. He also reported that the software was easy and straightforward to use, even though he had almost no experience or knowledge of trading.


We could go on but most accounts looked similar to these, and you get the point. All in all, our conclusion was that this system is a legitimate binary options strategy that’s able to produce good profits on a consistent basis. If you’re using this strategy please message us to share the results – we’re always looking for more evidence to help fellow traders profit and avoid scams.












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