Exposing the truth about the Cobalt Code binary options scam!

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, and wanted to see what it’s all about and why it has attracted so much interest.


This software provides free signals as well as automated trading. However, the free actually becomes very expensive, as the system produces nothing but losses! 


As we dug deeper, we realized that even though it is equipped with a sleek, professional-looking video, this binary options system turns out to be another one of those online scams that promise you the moon but produce absolutely nothing.


Scrutinizing the website

In order to determine if the Cobalt Code is a scam or a profitable binary options system, we started with closely analyzing their website. The video on the website has unfortunately raised a few red warning flags:



The system’s creators claim that Cobalt Code has been verified and Trusted by Citi Bank, HSBC, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank and Santander Bank. This claim cannot be possibly true. None of these giant banks would even contemplate verifying a home-based Binary Options system. Not to mention the fact that the trades are not cleared through the banks but rather on the platforms of independent brokers.


Cobalt code scam review - verified by banks


In the website we found some pictures of hired models, who are assumed to be satisfied users of the Cobalt Code. Surprisingly, they all seemed to be coming from the same country, our country... However they are obviously not from our country, since the flag alongside their pictures would change based on the country that you’re seeing the website from. You’ll see your country’s flags there, next to the same photos of actors that all other countries would see. We’re not impressed with these misleading programming practices.


The video relies heavily on reviews of happy users, however they are all actors hired on a freelancer services site, paid $5 to $10 for their bogus video testimonial. 


After filling our details, we got into the platform, and had to see a really lengthy video. We didn’t enjoy the pushy approaches used in the video, it is almost always an indicator of a poor product that must be shoved down your throat, otherwise you wouldn’t dream of taking it.


We have carefully viewed the video, and about thirty minutes into the movie, we got into a part where they demonstrate the best way to use their signals system. The platform gives signals for relatively unpopular assets such as Cobalt and Manganese.


Then they claim that the signals would never lose. All trades are profitable. Just push the button to execute the signal, and you’re a winner.
Only the most naïve would believe such a claim. There is simply no trading strategy on the planet which provides 100% winning rate. Claims that are unrealistic are another telltale indication that this really is not an offering that is honest. 


Furthermore, let’s not forget that there is no genuine proof of this claim. It’s only nonsense. So, when faced with such promises and blatant lies, the only thing you can do is run away!


Cobalt code scam video

Outlandish claims in the Cobalt Code video


Conclusion and verdict

Having considered the multiple lies, fake pictures and unrealistic claims without substantial evidence, we haven't got any other option but to issue a strong warning against trying to use – this is definitely a Binary Options scam. If you really would like to find a system that’s profitable and honest, you should opt for established services, which have also passed our testing, for example you should definitely check out the Centument Binary Options system.


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